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My 5 yr old came up with this genius idea when he wanted to sell lemonade on the corner. He said, “If we give it to them for free one time, and if they like it, next time they’ll buy more!” After implementing this idea, competitors simply didn’t know what to do. 

After we go above and beyond what you’ve asked us to do, and clean your building for free for 14 days, you can then make the choice to either keep using us, or go back to the same old unreliable janitorial company that gave you headaches and did partial cleanings in the past.

Risk Free Cleaning – Unlock yourself from contracts and unreliable service. We don’t bother with contracts. We let our cleaning prove ourselves to you every single time we clean your building. No risk. No hassle. That is the way janitorial should be. Try us out before you become a client.

Partial Cleaning – Don’t you hate coming into work only to see the trash cans still full, no toilet paper on the roll, and spills in the break room. Relax, and let us take care of it for you.

Unreliable – Do you make funny faces when you think about your janitorial company? You’re not alone… Well, so we hear at least. We can make you smile again. Give us 14 days.

Bottom Line – We know it’s hard to talk with your janitorial company about their rates. If you’re unhappy with them, simply tell us where you’d like to be and we’ll make it happen. It’s easy.

Janitor In A box – Most Janitorial Companies are all the same. There is nothing unique that separates them from the others. We don’t live inside the box… We sit on top of it.

Strategy – There has to be more to janitorial work than just unreliable service and partial cleanings. We are the missing piece. Our strategy is this… Keep you happy.

No Contracts – Here’s an idea… Don’t sign a contract (unless you want to). We think that our janitorial company should continue to work for your business each night we clean.

Unheard Of – You want unheard of and unmatched service. You want to be treated like royalty. After all, you deserve it right? We think so too. Let us show you the royal life.

Break Free – There is nothing worse than being stuck with a bad janitorial company. Break free from the mold. Let us take care of that for you. We will cancel your agreement.

Give Us 14 Days

All we need is 14 days for us to prove to you that we are better than whoever you are currently using. Don’t take any risk, we got you covered… for FREE.

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Our Guarantee

Our staff that work in your business have gone through extensive training and will be knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of service, including those related to viruses.  Your business will receive professional services from janitorial and cleaning professionals. 

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