A. Commercial cleaning company usually focuses on bigger jobs done a few times a year, while a janitorial services company involves small, everyday cleaning tasks. For example, commercial cleaning services include deep carpet cleaning, while janitorial services include regular vacuuming of the carpeting.

A. You will find that commercial cleaning companies perform jobs that don't require them to be done regularly. Usually, you would hire a commercial cleaning company for one-time jobs or maybe the same job several times a year. Typical cleaning jobs of a commercial cleaning company are:

1.) Tile and grout cleaning

2.) Furniture and upholstery cleaning

3.) Hard surfaces, granite, tile, wood, floor cleaning

4.) Window washing

5.) Power washing

These are a sample of services offered by commercial cleaning companies.

A. Janitorial companies will provide services you need to do every day or anything in between up to every day. Look at your needs. Maybe bi-weekly will keep your business in top condition. Using a janitorial company will ensure that your facility or office will always look great to any visitors or employees alike. In most cases, janitorial companies have trained professionals that understand cross-contamination and how to reduce the risk by using the right products and equipment to maintain clean and sanitary environments. Typical janitorial services include:

1.) Sweeping and mopping of hard surface floors

2.) Vacuuming of all carpet surfaces

3.) Cleaning disinfecting kitchens and employee breakrooms

4.) Cleaning and disinfection bathrooms

5.) Emptying trash cans

6.) A dusting of all surfaces

  1. A. If you need cleaning services that keep your facility or office looking clean, sanitary, and overall looking professional, you need a janitorial service. However, you need commercial cleaning services if you need projects like deep cleaning carpets, power washing, and upholstery cleaning. A best practice is to find a company that offers both commercial and janitorial services. Doing so will save you the trouble of working with different companies.
  1. A. Yes. Always ask about their guarantee. Either a commercial or janitorial service company should back their work with a satisfaction guarantee in writing.